Meet Our Team

The cleaning services we offer are not like a commodity whereby the product is the same from all sources and only the price differs. 

Not all cleaning companies are the same and while price may be one of the differences, experience, customer service, the end-product and follow-up are among the biggest differences. 

We are unique because we are experienced.  We started cleaning windows in 1991, and have added additional services since then. 

By hiring only experienced personnel, continually training them, offering incentives based on customer satisfaction and with feedback from our customers we have become the best-of-breed in what we do.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers and employees come first, and the result is customers who use our services year after year. We take extra steps such as:
  • Removing our shoes or wearing booties when entering a home.
  • Covering and protecting belongings when necessary and/or as requested, e.g. delicate flooring, window surrounds, etc.
  • Our employees are very detail oriented.  We go the extra mile as if we were cleaning our own homes.
  • We use the highest quality professional cleaning equipment.
  • We mail surveys to every customer within 30 days of service to get feedback on how we did.  Among other questions, we ask if you would use our services again and recommend us to others.  We receive back about 50% of the surveys we send out, and of those we average over 99% who answer “yes” to both questions.
  • We don’t send just anybody to your house. Our employees are background checked and drug-tested by before they are hired, and work with a senior employee to confirm their experience before they work on their own.  However, the last time we hired a new employee was March 2005.  Our employees have been with us for several years and service the same clients year after year.
  • We recognize our employees are our greatest assets.  Our employees are experts who are thorough and efficient.  They treat customers as they would want to be treated.  In return, our employees are rewarded with health benefits and bonuses based on customer satisfaction.
  • Our employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance to protect them in the case of injury.  Since this represents a considerable expense due to the dangerous nature of what we do, competitors who do not protect their employees can offer services to you for less.  However, if you hire someone to come into your house and they are injured, you are responsible by statute for their injuries if they do not have their own workers’ compensation insurance.

Looking to join the Team?

We’re always looking for skilled cleaning technicians. Think you’ve got what it takes?

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Includes 10 vents and 1 handler * Some restrictions apply


18 panes of glass inside and out! * Some restrictions apply


100 feet of gutters! * Some restrictions apply

Dryer Vent

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Solar Panels

Up to 20 panels * Some restrictions apply

*regular pricing applies thereafter. Some restrictions apply